Schlumbergera x buckleyi 'salmoneum rubrum' rooted cutting

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Historic varieity mentioned in Schelle 1907 (but only as a name in a list) as a variety with red flowers. In Christmas cacti of McMillan and Horobin it is decribed as a truncata form. However in J. AMER. SOC. HORT. SCI. 125(1):81–85. 2000.Diversity and Distribution of Isozymes in a Schlumbergera (Cactaceae) Clonal Germplasm Collection by Maureen C. O’Leary and Thomas H. Boyle it says "Buckleyi group cultivars (Apricot, Christmas Cactus, Noris, Purple Devil, and Salmoneum Rubrum) have crenate phylloclades, pendulous flowers that are more or less actinomorphic, pink pollen, and angled pericarpels".
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Cultivation notes:
This form is close to what is called Xmas cactus. Loves to be outside whenever possible. Relatively easy rooting. Just put the pads a little bit in the ground. Like all Schlumbergera, they like a very open soil.