Schlumbergera hybrid 'Paprika' x Self seed

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'Paprika' is a cross performed in 2000 by Dolly Kölli. S. kautskyi x S. ‘Reid’ (= S. ‘Rudolph’ x S. orssichiana Wildform clone 1), this specific clone was numbered KYR-1 and then named 'Paprika'. It was probably the first crossing containing four Schlumbergera species (truncata, russelliana, orssichiana and kautskyi). Flower larger than S. kautskyi with a tomato color. Stems larger than S. kautskyi with sometimes showing the extra tip at the end of the stems, something that is considered a S. orssichiana characteristic. The complete story can be found in the EPIG Magazine 2004.

As Schlumbergera 'Paprika' is selfpollinating the outcome of the seeds can be a supprise.It can contain characteristics from all the different parents.

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Cultivation notes:
Easy to germinate