Schlumbergera orssichiana KS21W24 = 'Jochen' cutting

6,00 € each

The KSxx series of Schlumbergera orssichiana clones was raised by Dolly Kölli based upon seeds from a successful pollination of the then known wild forms type 1 and type 2 by Eckhard Meier.
The clone offered here is a KS21 back crossed with wild form 1 giving seedling KS21W24 ("Jochen"). 'Jochen' is a clone with large, thick stems. It is one of the parnets of 'Schlumbergera orssichiana 'Dolly'
Limited to 1 item per customer.
Cultivation notes:
This species requires a little bit more warmth than the other members of Schlumbergera. The leaves are darker than with the other species, indicating that they live more in the shade. This species grows in  very coarse organic soil.