Schlumbergera x reginae 'Swan Lake' cutting

3,60 € each

Schlumbergera ‘Swan Lake’ is a Schlumbergera that is semi upright to pendulous form the third phylloclade.  The phylloclade's are long (55.12mm) and wide (23.63mm) with deep incisions on the leaf margins (5.12mm).  The flowers are long (93.05mm) and broad (92.64mm) white in colour (RHS 155C) with a prominent red purple strip at the corolla tube mouth (RHS 74A), early flowering october-november. It was developed by controlled pollination: Schlumbergera orssichiana x various mixed hybrids 1982.  Breeder: Andrew Dominic Savio, Croydon, VIC.  Selection criteria: flower size and colour, early flowering.
Above description is taken from the Australian Plants Breeders Rights database.
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Cultivation notes:
This is an easy to grow Schlumbergera x reginae. It will do pretty well on it own roots and flowers easy.