The plants are all checked and the weather allows us to send, we are open again.

We do not accept reservations or pre-orders. What we have available is in the webshop. 

We will send again to the UK, as long as the Brexit is delayed, after that we have to reconsider.

Brexit no-deal botanic species (cacti) CITES requirements

EU Plantpassport changes, the consequences are also being investigated. For 2019 during our opening season we should be ok, as these obligations start from december 2019. This may also force us to close the webshop.

Starting 2019 the dutch goverment has decided to raise the Value Added Tax on plants from 6% up to 9%. This is reflected in our prices and as this is a automatic process, prices are not 'rounded'.


Delivery companies have also decided to raise prices, so that is reflected in our costs