Due to parcels not arriving we have decided to use a postal service with track and trace only (DHL). It is just somewhat more expensive but at least far less parcels disappear. Also it gives us room for adding more weight to a package.Only for seeds outside the European you can still order using normal postal service without track and trace. For some countries you have to ask us, as people tend to misuse seed postage for plants.

Please take care the addresses you specify are correct, else parcels will be send back to us and will only post again after correction at your own costs. We are not familiar with the postal systems world wide.

The price of the postal services is changing now and then (up and dowm for some countries), but you can always stop the chekout process at that point.

The plants are all checked and the weather allows us to send, we are open again.

We do not accept reservations or pre-orders. What we have available is in the webshop. 

We will send again to the UK, as long as the Brexit is delayed, after that we have to reconsider.

Brexit no-deal botanic species (cacti) CITES requirements

EU Plantpassport changes, the consequences are also being investigated. For 2019 during our opening season we should be ok, as these obligations start from december 2019. This may also force us to close the webshop.

Starting 2019 the dutch goverment has decided to raise the Value Added Tax on plants from 6% up to 9%. This is reflected in our prices and as this is a automatic process, prices are not 'rounded'.


Delivery companies have also decided to raise prices, so that is reflected in our costs

We have been updating our Privacy Policy, to inform you that clicking Weblinks, Image Gallerie links (Google Photos) and Social media tags will take you to other websites like Google, Facebook etc. Check their privacy policy before proceeding.

We made DHL track and trace available as an interesting shipping option for EU countries

As from 25th of May 2018 new EU rules about privacy are in place. You may have read the About u(s) section in the main menu already, where we state our use of your personal data in general. At the bottom of this section you will find now a more formal Privacy Policy document explaning our privacy policy.