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Here you can easily subscribe for the EPIG community. The EPIG is a community that is basically German language oriented, that was started in 1988 and focuses on epiphytic cacti. It is though international oriented and has for example also English and Dutch speaking members. Members include lovers of epiphytic cacti, scientists and botanic gardens.

The community offers the very high quality Magazine 'EPIG', just about epiphytic cacti. It occurs twice a year in general, consist of 40 pages with high quality pictures and addresses new species, cultivation and reports about journeys. German is the main language, but each article contains a very good English abstract and clear pictures.

Once a year there is a major event, you want to visit! It is usually held in Germany for 3 days and include often a visit to members and, botanic gardens and offers a very special plant auction. Besides that lots of time to exchange information and plants. All this in a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

The costs for membership are currently €15,= per year (2016). If you want to stop your subscription, you are expected to announce that 4 weeks before the end of the year. For overseas countries it is $25,= per year.

By subscribing at the bottom of this page you grant us the right to pass your email address and name to the EPIG secretary Kirsten Pfeiffer. She will contact you with further details like payment methods (Bank, PayPal, Cheque etc.. ). Your subscription is not final until you have finished the subscription process (including payment) with the secretary. The EPIG secretary may also offer you to buy some previous EPIG Journals. That is up to you.


To sponsor the membership of the EPIG we offer a free welcome gift within the category EPIG Welcome Gift. The plants offered in this category are not for sale. Some of these plants are kindly offered by other members of the community.

Plants in this category are only offered as a welcome gift for those who become a new member of the EPIG society. This only applies to new members within the European Union.

You are only allowed to select 1 item form this category as a welcome gift. The gift will only be supplied after you finished the subscription process with the EPIG, and we received an ok. We will try to give you your choice of plant(cutting).

You do have to pay the costs of post and packaging (or combine it with a regular order)


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