Shipping to the USA in a legal way, requires a number of things to understand.


First you would have to send us the following documents by PDF:

- Plant Import Permit specifying the right species (or multiple genus);

- Cites Import Permit specifying the right species as almost every cactus is at least Cites II;

- Import labels for the Point of Entry of the USDA- APHIS station


We would need to:

- Prepare a Phytosanitary paper, where each product has to be specified;

- Prepare the checklist;

- Prepare and label the plants;

- Order an inspection by the authorities at our workplace;

- Turn the Phytosanitary paper into a real certificate, including Cites export clause;

- Package all documents and plants careful and use speed delivery.


You would have to:

- Pickup or have delivery from the USDA-APHIS office to your home;

- Manage any problems on the USA side.


The following restrictions apply to the material you can order:

- Do not mix plants and seeds. Seeds can be ordered using the 'Small lots of seed program', which is a far easier procedure;

- Do not order Cites I plants material, we do not ship Cites I outside the European Union;

- In case of rooted cuttings or grafted cuttings, we will remove the roots because we are not allowed to import soil;

- Do not order grafted plants where the grafting stock is Opuntia;

- Do not order a product that shows 'No export'.


As this whole process is expensive and comes around 200 euro for the total, we are working with a contact person in the USA. This person is familiar with the process, collects 'wish lists' from different people and import these as one order to share the costs. Please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for instructions and costs.

Though we would support anyone who wants do it themselves, you must be aware of the costs and risks involved. The process using the contact person haven been proven to be right.