Welcome to the webshop of SeedlingsAndCuttings.eu

Here you will find seedlings and cuttings of interesting plants. Most of the plants offered here are succulents, like cacti. All of these plants have been artificially propagated.

SeedlingsAndCuttings.eu is a distribution channel of PlantGusto. The mission of PlantGusto is to make people happy by providing them with interesting plants and miniplantscapes. The vision is to bring interesting plants and miniplantscapes directly to consumers by using the Internet. SeedlingsAndCuttings.eu does so by making interesting plants available to a larger public.

We deliver only to shipping addresses within the European Union (EU) and payments have to be made in Euro's by (free) SEPA bank transfer or via PayPal.

To give every one a fair chance most of the products quantities are limited to 1 to 3 per customer.

As part of the product description you will find cultivation notes, that may help you to keep your plants healthy.