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Here you will find seedlings and cuttings of interesting plants. Most of the plants offered here are succulents, like cacti. All of these plants have been artificially propagated.

SeedlingsAndCuttings.eu is a distribution channel of PlantGusto. The mission of PlantGusto is to make people happy by providing them with interesting plants and miniplantscapes. The vision is to bring interesting plants and miniplantscapes directly to consumers by using the Internet. SeedlingsAndCuttings.eu does so by making interesting plants available to a larger public.

We mainly deliver within the European Union (EU) and payments have to be made in Euro's by (free) SEPA bank transfer or via PayPal. We export to outside the EU, but only if regulations are met by the importer. See our article below about Outside the European Union.

To give every one a fair chance most of the products quantities are limited to 1 to 3 per customer.

As part of the product description you will find cultivation notes, that may help you to keep your plants healthy.

You will find different product categories on our web shop of SeedlingsAndCuttings.eu

We want satisfied customers and therefore manage your expectations regarding the products before you order from us.


You can order products by adding them to your cart. Whenever you are ready, please continue to Checkout (to be found in the user menu). After we have received your payment, the order will be confirmed and delivered. Unpayed orders will be canceled after 8 days.


Most of the products are limited to a small number per customer. Products can contain cultivation notes, as some of them are rare and difficult to propagate and cultivate.


For any questions you can contact us at: Contact us


Though we do our best to maintain the available quantities in the store up to date, we can not guarantee the availability to a 100% certainty, as we may encounter loss of plants.

You can find our plants via the menu choice 'Our plants' on top of this page. That choice will bring you to the product page. The product page will show you the main categories based upon the kind of plant material, like seeds, seedlings, rooted and unrooted cuttings en grafted plants. From there you can drill down to plants.

Alternatively you can use the categories for epiphytic or winterhardy plants.

Another option on the product page is to search for plants. For example type in Pediocactus or Hatiora or so and a list of plants will show up underneath. That will show the plants you are looking for in all categories like seedlings, rooted and unrooted cuttings en grafted plants.

But you can also just enjoy the pictures and use our specific cultivation notes per specie.

Meanwhile we are building a nice gallery with even more detailed pictures to enjoy. Go to the Galleries.

Some of the plant material on this web shop is classified as CITES I. This is the category for the most endangered fauna and flora. The CITES convention enforces the protection of species of wild fauna and flora by regulating trade therein.

The plant material we offer on this web shop is artificially propagated within the European Union. As a service to our customers we provide each order containing CITES I species with a Transfer Declaration (no extra costs involved). Keep this Transfer Declaration in your administration.

By providing artificially propagated plant material of CITES I species, we want to contribute to the protection of these endangered species.

The CITES and EU categories of plants can be checked at the Species database.

Many of the plants you will find in the web shop are difficult in cultivation and for that reason not widespread. All our products have been artificially propagated within the EU.

Delivery costs are about € 6.50 for the EU and € 5.00 for the Netherlands. For most of the destinations a track trace option is available but this is of course more expensive. Notice: We only replace or compensate lost or missing packages in case the customer made during ordering the choice for registered mail and/or track trace delivery.

If you order at the same time at PlantsandSettings.eu, you may combine the two orders. At SeedlingsandCuttings.eu you can take the shipment option to combine both orders in the same package. This option is free of charge.

In some cases we do export to countries outside the European Union, but only if regulations are met, to the best of our knowledge. CITES I species are always excluded!

USA: Seeds under the "Small lots of seed Program" of the USDA. Free of charge by the USDA.

USA: Cuttings, including botanical species require Import document, CITES document, Phytosanitaire certificate. See: How to order plants for the USA

Canada: Small lots of seed without permit

Canada: Use the contact in: How to order plants for the USA

Australia: Small lots of egible seeds

Japan: Requires Phytosanitaire certificate including Cites clause. Contact and inform the Japanes Customs before proceeding

Contact us.